Behaviour Change Programmes


Is your leadership behaviour serving you well? 



Does any of this sound familiar…do you:

  • Regularly wonder why your team aren’t proactive and taking initiative?
  • Like to put on your persona, but really you know you are capable of more? Or fed up with the strain of holing up a facade?
  • Have an ongoing frustration with how things are, including members of your team?
  • Avoid leading from the front or embracing the challenges of leading a team?

I have many clients who have changed their behaviour – and now know the difference that self awareness and emotional intelligence makes.  In my own leadership I have made significant and transformative behaviour changes that have meant me being part of and creating projects that I would have never thought possible.  Taking the courageous step to look at and/or being willing to change your behaviour is an empowering and transforming experience.

Behaviour change can significantly transform:

  • Your Impact – removing the behaviours or habits that are no longer serving you
  • Your Career – increasing your capacity and motivation to handle challenges head on
  • Your Partnerships/Relationships – increase your ability to connect meaningfully with purpose and hold clear boundaries
  • Your Leadership – increase your authenticity and self mastery to handle your reactions and emotional state

I work with clients for a minimum of 6-12 months, usually 2 weekly or monthly,  which gives them space and time to make sustainable behaviour changes.

To find out more about how to transform your behaviour please email me: or call me on 07817 246930.  OR you can pop a question or comment into my live online chat box!

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