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About Me

Hey, I’m Nicci and I’m an experienced leader and lifelong learner!  I started out in professional services (well accountancy actually) and worked my way up into senior leadership.  At times though I didn’t have  the awareness and support to develop my leadership within myself – the self belief, attitude and mindset to really go for being the leader I was truly capable of.  Like many others I meet, I believed my sense of self and leadership was something to be achieved outside of myself. 

So you have come to the right place if you’re a leader who wants to propel their inner game, develop their team or their own authentic leadership. Or you may want to up your game in your career or go for transformation inconjunction with your team.

My powerful coaching and facilitation will support you transform your life, leadership and/or team.  You will find the strength, motivation, release to be the leader and person you are truly capable of – AND learn how to connect and grow engaging relationships with yourself and others.

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What’s On Offer

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership

  • Transform challenges into growth
  • Step up your inner game
  • Manage your emotional state
  • Lead from the front with purpose, aligned with your context
Independent Sounding Board

Independent Sounding Board

  • Share your concerns, fears, challenges
  • Be in a confidential and safe space
  • Be supported unconditionally
  • Be accepted for who you are
  • Be free to express your feelings
FREE Yourself from Limits

FREE Yourself from Limits

  • Be courageous
  • Increase self trust and creativity
  • Transform self belief and reduce self doubt
  • Connect powerfully with others
  • Engage others into you and your vision
Quality of YOUR Experience

Quality of YOUR Experience

  • Be more comfortable with you
  • Improve your authenticity
  • Bring forward more of your inante qualities
  • Less holding back and missing out
  • More freedom and fun!