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About Me

Hey, I’m Nicci and a few years ago I was just like you.  I started out in professional services (well accountancy actually) and worked my way up into senior leadership.  I never though had the support to develop my leadership in myself – the self belief, attitude and mindset to really go for being the leader I was truly capable of.

So you have come to the right place if you’re a partner or director who wants to propel their inner game, develop their team or their own authentic leadership.  Or you may be an associate who wants step up their game in their career or indeed make partner in their organisation.

You have all the technical expertise and to date you’ve been all about excelling in your profession and role.  You’ve seemingly ‘made it’ technically, and yet you have the sense the leader in you is holding back or just getting through. You’re not sure what or how to improve the inner you – how to get align with what’s on the outside.  You don’t know where to start to answer or stop the inner critic that is swirling around in your head.  You’re feeling dis-ease, frustrated, stressed, confused and certainly would like to reduce self doubt.

My powerful coaching programmes will help you give life to your leadership and team.  You will find the strength, motivation, release to be the leader and person you are truly capable of – AND learn how to connect and grow sustainable relationships with your team and clients.

Read more HERE about how I work…and read more about my purpose and background HERE

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What’s On Offer

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership

  • Transform challenges into growth
  • Step up your game
  • Manage your emotional state
  • Lead from the front with purpose and context
Independent Sounding Board

Independent Sounding Board

  • Share your concerns, fears, challenges
  • Be in a confidential and safe space
  • Be supported unconditionally
  • Be accepted for who you are
  • Be free to express your feelings
FREE Yourself from Limits

FREE Yourself from Limits

  • Put yourself forward
  • Conquer fears
  • Build self belief and reduce self doubt
  • Connect powerfully with teams/peers
  • Engage others into you and your vision
Quality of YOUR Experience

Quality of YOUR Experience

  • More comfortable with being you
  • Improve your authenticity in presenting
  • More comfortable being yourself
  • Less holding back and missing out
  • More freedom and enjoyment!

My Fab Clients!

‘Superb coach. I work in a technical role and engaged Nicci to help me develop my client skills. Over a 6 month programme, she gently helped/pushed me to identify and address my tics and issues enabling me to build my client skills. She has a great sense of timing – knowing when to and when not to push. She tailored her approach to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone.’

Charlie, Director/Analyst at Panmure Gordon

Charlie, Director/Analyst at Panmure Gordon

‘Nicci has made a positive and valuable impact towards helping me to change my way of thinking and is like a breath of fresh air. I have enjoyed talking to Nicci on a wide variety of subjects would recommend her coaching skills on both a personal and professional basis.’

Sue, Business Owner, The Resource Centre

Sue, Business Owner, The Resource Centre

‘I can thoroughly recommend Nicci and the coaching process that she takes you through. At times, especially in the beginning, it can be a difficult process as you have to discuss how you currently behave and face the truth of what you are doing. However, with time and practice, Nicci shows you how you can change your behaviour and its great when you see it working.’

James, Chartered Financial Planner

James, Chartered Financial Planner

‘I approached Nicci with a view to developing my leadership skills to make the move to partnership. Nicci’s approach to assisting me changing my behaviour and the thought processes that carry me through the working day. This developed my focus on what I wanted to achieve, raised my self esteem and had instant results in my professional relationships.’

Paul, Senior Tax Director at Beavis Morgan LLP

Paul, Senior Tax Director at Beavis Morgan LLP

‘Nicci is non-judgemental, patient, positive and through her coaching she has enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities. Nicci is very effective in that she challenges/questions me, but in a really safe and supportive way.  I know I have grown as a leader due to the small number of sessions I’ve had with Nicci, and I am seeing great results. ‘

Lindsay Fox, CEO, YCT Charity

Lindsay Fox, CEO, YCT Charity

FREE 1hr Discovery Session

Ready to jump right in and transform your leadership?  In this engaging 1hr coaching discovery session you will:

> Discover the number 1 leadership behaviour that is holding you back
> Learn how your current perception affects your performance
> Identify powerful solutions to the number 1 barrier to your growth




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