Powerful Coaching Supervision

My purpose is to empower coaches to bring their essence to their practice and deeply evolve their growth as a coach and as a human being.

I specialise in behaviour change focused, powerful coaching supervision. I work with coaches who want to propel their practice, uphold their values and provide continuous improvement to their clients. 

I stand for being alongside my supervision clients in their journey, being open hearted, courageous and partnering.

I am the supervisor for you if want to:

  • Learn from Your Practice – you want to learn how to sharpen up contracting, boundaries, conversational flow and use of interventions and techniques. You want to follow your inner and outer ethical practise and be in-integrity with yourself and your clients
  • Empower yourself and your coachees – you want to have high quality time to reflect and propel how to empower your coachees by empowering yourself
  • Bring MORE of YOU – bring more of your essence to coaching conversations and interventions. Develop the ability to create great openness, welcome live feedback and trust yourself to navigate the process
  • Deeply Evolve Your Growth – dig deep into what may be holding you back, what may have got certain results and develop a natural style that serves you and your clients well

I love to work with coaches who want to really sharpen up their self awareness, propel their growth and step-up to a new level in their practice. I use my warmth, incisiveness, empathy and openness to provide a ‘fertile ground’ in which my supervisees explore their capacity and are listened to with an open heart.

Get in touch to find out how we may work together…hello@awareleadership.co.uk  

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