I specialise in transformational self awareness, sustainable behaviour change and emotional intelligence.

I deliver courses and workshops that facilitate change within individuals and how people collaborate as a team. 

I am the facilitator for you and your team if:
– You want to develop self awareness, emotional intelligence and self insight to improve performance and sense of team spirit.
– You want to transform, propel or step up your team’s ability to take responsibility for themselves and the part they play.
– You want to transform team members confidence and willingness to use their initiative.
– You want to be more collaborative as a team and develop the team’s ability to innovatively co-create solutions.
– You want to empower your team’s willingness to go beyond their comfort zone. 
– You want to sustainably increase your team’s ability to be self solving and self supportive. 

To find out more please email me: hello@awareleadership.co.uk or call me on 07817 246930.  

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