Inner Confidence Coaching


Does your inner voice like to give you a hard time?




Does any of this sound familiar…do you:

  • Regularly hear your negative voice saying you’ll be found out? You are not doing enough?
  • Hold back your comments or real excitement or enthusiasm?
  • Avoid difficult conversations or putting yourself forward?
  • Avoid networking or presenting?

I have many clients who have transformed their self confidence – and sometimes not always consciously!  As someone who has had challenges with this myself I know how limiting it can be to be confident on the outside and less so on the inside.  Enhancing self awareness and inner confidence can significantly transform:

  • Your Impact – reducing the frequency self doubt and increasing your willingness to step through fear and show your true, authentic self
  • Your Career – increase your ability and willingness to put your forward and self acknowledge your achievements
  • Your Partnerships/Relationships – increase your willingness to connect meaningfully with others and be an authentic leader
  • Your Leadership – increase your personal presence, ability to be authentic and capacity to lead from the front in challenging circumstances, with compassion


I work with clients for a minimum of 6 months, usually 2 weekly or monthly,  which gives them space and time to make sustainable behaviour changes.

To find out more about how to transform your self confidence please email me: or call me on 07817 246930.  OR you can pop a question or comment into my live online chat box!

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