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Exciting News!  I have recently developed a new leadership 8 month programme which provides a blend of 121 coaching and targeted 1/2 day group training sessions.

I am very passionate about this programme as it is a wonderful opportunity for a group of leaders or associates to go on a powerful leadership journey together.

About the programme:

This is an intensive experiential and bespoke programme for professionals who want to transform their leadership behaviour and develop the ability to adapt to the ever changing business context.

This programme is centred on both individual leadership and group learning for 6-9 leaders.

Purpose: To explore where you are in your leadership, your defining style and how current challenges can propel leadership growth. To define a conscious purpose and vision for your leadership, developing emotional intelligence and inner strength to hit current challenges head on. Building leadership behaviour changes that will support you to adapt to the wider organisational context.

‘When you change your behaviour, you have the ability to transform how people respond to you’

Programme Highlights
• 6×1:1 behaviour change coaching
• 4x ½ day group training sessions
• 2 x follow up online group sessions
• Online forum to connect and share learning

Programme Outline
1:1 Behaviour Change Coaching – exploring your personal challenges in leadership and empowering you as an individual’s to bring forward your best
Current Leadership Capacity – exploring where you are currently in your leadership, including challenges and capabilities. Building a self assessment to bring about behaviour change
Purposeful Leadership – exploring where your inner critic may hold you back as individuals and/or as a team. Developing mindful techniques to facilitate behaviour change. Learning transforming tools to highlight and build emotional resilience
Flexing Leadership Style – exploring your leadership style and how this impacts your day to day results. Learning how to adapt and flex your style according to the context
Personal Leadership Vision – exploring your individual vision for your leadership and identifying key barriers that are in your way. Identifying key qualities that you can develop to build behaviour change and sustainable growth.

• Increased personal mastery for individuals significantly reducing holding back in their leadership
• Increased self confidence and resolve to step forward and face challenges head on
• Increased ability to adapt to different leadership styles and uphold the context of the organisation’s purpose
• Increased self-motivation and emotional intelligence within the current (and developing) business culture
• Increased ability for individuals to embrace the leader that they are and change behaviour that limits or minimises their professional impact

Wow eh?  I get really excited whenever I read the content of this programme.

Interested?  Please do get in touch.  You may have questions or want to explore how this programme may fit for your organisation or group.  Free seminars and taster sessions are available.

Please contact me at or call me on 07817 246930.  Or get online in a live conversation with me!

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