Work/Life Balance – when is it time to look after you?

worklife balance

I woke up with a stinky cold this morning. I don’t feel awful but I’m quite drained and tired. The truth is I’d like to go home at lunchtime and rest. It feels liberating to type that out loud!

I’m due to have a fairly new senior vice prinicpal client in this afternoon and he’s asked to come in earlier as he has a chest infection. It’s funny how life put events in our path every day – and every day, every moment we have the opportunity to make a choice.

Now this morning before I knew this, I had it that I couldn’t ask him to re-arrange because a range of the following may happen (my fears, in no particular order): I’ll be letting him down, he won’t get what he’s paid for, it will take longer for him to develop, I’m unprofessional, he won’t continue coaching with me, it’ll reduce further opportunities…the list goes on.

Thing is how do I know any of the above is true or indeed going to happen. Truth is I don’t. I could be honest ask the question, suggest re-arranging, suggest doing a shorter session. Thing is if I do let myself be guided by my fears, where does it end? Won’t there be another and another important client or work task to be done?

AND more importantly what’s the cost to me of leading through these fears?

So….I asked the question. I await his reply!

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know…#valuesbasedleadership

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