Will the real leader please stand up…

show the world the real you

Are you presenting yourself as YOU or acting out an unconscious script?

I’m wondering today how we can, from potientially a very young age, begin to adopt a ‘persona’.  A way of being and behaving that at the time may have served us very well.

We got out of trouble, survived a traumatic experience or indeed created a way out of something we didn’t like or something we were required to cope with at the time.

There are a few I can think of right now…rebel…victim…martyr…hero…fighter…peacemaker

All the world’s a stage right?

One of mine can be to portray that I have ‘everything sorted’ and it’s true a lot of time I do, however not ALL the time.  Sometimes I’m really not ok, I don’t know what to do, I’m vulnerable, scared, tender even.  For me portraying this persona when it’s not real has meant the cost of deep connection with others, the beauty of collaboration/support and creating BIG results that I want in my life.

When we get into  ‘faking it’, hiding the real deal…for fear of being found out in some way or indeed ever being vulnerable – what’s the cost?

Have a think about what your persona might be.  What is it that you are afraid of others seeing about you?

This week I challenge you to take the mask off, just for day…show and be exactly who you are and how you are.

See what happens…

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