Vision – Enrol or Persuade?

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I’m teaching a Power of Purpose course at the moment and a very fundamental challenge came up on the 2 day – how do we get people on board with our vision and what we want to create?

How often do we get into having a mental master-plan without actually sharing this or indeed sharing ourselves in the process?  We may have an amazing, worthwhile, stonkingly good, powerful vision – however what do we do when there is a lack of take up?  People aren’t even getting into the conversation let alone stepping up and saying a big YES!  There’s a lack of enthusiasm, lack of response, it seems as if nothing is working and our wonderful vision (which is going to create an amazing result by the way) is going to fall flat on its bum – or at the very least not be anywhere near what we really wanted.

When did our hope and want turn into an expectation and a demand?  The balance was tipped, we went from the birth of our vision with a flurry of enthusiasm and excitement…and then reality hit and we have tumbled into frustration and resignation.

There is a big difference between ‘getting’ people on board and ‘enrolling’ them into a vision.  The former carries the air of expectation, demand.  The latter is more of an open aspiration that we want to share and create with others.

Takes a lot of trust doesn’t it?  To put a vision out there and hope that others see something inspiring in our heartfelt want to create something new or different.

Here’s some ways to start the enrolling process:

  • Vision – share it, all of it. Not just what you want or how you see the result but what it means to you…what it really means from your whole heart.  Dig deep!   Share your passion, enthusiasm…hopes, fears.  Be Real.  How you are being when you share your vision makes a difference to how people will engage
  • Creation – share what you want to create…what’s the difference you want to make to yourself, others, the organisation, the world? What is the impact of the new or different vision?
  • Support – how do you want people to be on board? What does that look like?  Invite people to step up, get involved and contribute.  If you want people to take on leadership, creative, collaborative or other roles – say it so they know what you want.

Go for it!!  No holding back.

Happy inspiring…

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