The Power of Your Word

Change Commitment into Reality

Happy New Year!!!

After spending most of today working on how I am going to bring my purposes for this year to fruition, it occurred to me that the most important part of any commitment is doing what we said we were going to do.

Keeping our word.

What does it really take to keep that plan, that New Year’s resolution?  Because it’s not just the first few days of the year – it’s over and over again each time we get presented with the choice to keep it or drop it.  And that will happen.  Undoubtedly life is going to throw in lots of challenges to test our commitment.

It’s that split second isn’t it? The moment of choice, do we choose new resolve or old faithful?

This happens all the time in changing leadership behaviour – it’d just be easier wouldn’t it to go back to old habits: it’d be quicker to do that work ourselves, dictate rather than empower, remain small rather than step-up and be seen.  After all we’ve benefited in some way haven’t we?  Otherwise we never would’ve developed those skills in the first place.

That makes total sense; our way of behaving may have worked really well for some time. We got a great payoff so what’s the problem if we drop it just this once?

Maybe the balance tips when the cost outweighs the payoff.  Especially if that cost is creating some of the most important things we value, experience or want in our lives.

So we are back again at the moment of choice.  This is it, right here, right now.  When that split second choice comes up, what will you choose?

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