The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for us

I wondered this week how the holding of resentment can get in the way of us being the powerful, amazing leaders that we really are.

If we are resenting and judging others for what they did or didn’t do – what does this do to our willingness to build relationships, collaborate and to keep doing so when the going gets tough?

Even if a relationship or partnership doesn’t work out, what happens if we carry around that resentment into our next venture – because of course we’re not going to let that happen again are we? No way.

What is the cost though? Does our resentful behaviour really get us that pay off of superiority, being the victim or many other things that may boost our pseudo self-esteem?

Do we get to avoid being real, honest or even vulnerable ourselves?

The cost of holding onto this type of resentment in leadership, I suggest, may actually keep us from the very thing that we truly want.  And it may relieve us from stepping up our game – and claiming our true amazing capacity as a leader…

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