The Power of Educational Purpose

I started writing this thinking I ought to write something ‘eye-catching’ so the audience I would like to enrol are engaged. Instead I decided to share the truth, my passion and what I think is possible from my own experience.

I have a 3 day course running on 25th June, 2nd & 9th July for Educational Leaders – The Power of Purpose. When I took the course myself in early 2011 I had no idea what I would learn. At the time I knew I could be extremely focused and determined, so what was I going to get that would make me more purposeful?

What I learned is that purpose isn’t about ticking a list (I do like a list!) or how much I could get through in a day. Being on Purpose now for me is about holding a clear vision, having a clear intention and making discerning choices to stay on track. Even when life throws those curve balls and I’m knocked off my perch. It’s an ongoing challenge to be conscious of my purpose and not get distracted by a number of other things that I could be doing instead or indeed a number of other things that come my way (ooh look a shiny object!).

For me this powerful course is about raising consciousness of what gets in the way, being connected with my purpose and what this really means to me – I mean REALLY. When I am on purpose in this way I see possibility, I am creative AND discerning and most of all I’m enjoying the journey!!! Rather than what can happen when I end up just trying ‘to get through it’ or doing ‘more, more, more, faster, faster’ to get to the result. When I am in that space whatever I do isn’t enough.

So here it is…my purpose is to teach this course to educational leaders because I want to shift the culture of education for young people. I want to create a tipping point for a more open, creative, collaborative approach to learning. I want educational leaders to create this through role-modelling their own approach to learning. The bottom line is…I want more young people to live and go for the life that they are truly capable of and not be limited by their beliefs about themselves, others or life. I want young people to know they always, always have a choice.

You see when I was at school I grew up believing I had to be a certain way or had to follow a certain path to be successful. Get a good stable job, get good grades, get a pension – be setup for life etc. The truth is I never wanted that. What I wanted was to find my own path, to really connect with what I wanted and what I was passionate about. And then live it! And I wanted to support others to do the same.

We all have our own story and I am looking forward to hearing some of the stories, wants, challenges and visions for those who will be on the journey with me in The Power of Purpose.

A head teacher said to me a while ago, a big benefit of this course is the opportunity to reconnect with WHY she chose teaching in the first place. What difference she wanted to make, what she wanted for the children in her school – this wasn’t about meeting an OFSTED framework, that’s a given – but about her intention and care in creating that difference. How amazing is that? I was in awe of what this type of reconnection and display of passion could do for the children in her school.


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