3 Ways to Abundance not Scarcity

It’s a fine line isn’t it?  Having faith I mean that there will be abundance…rather than crossing over into the fear of scarcity.   Or indeed FOMO, the ‘fear of missing out’ another common phenomenon.

I have many conversations with clients about this pretty big mindset dilemma.  This can manifest in many ways too.  Scarcity can be a general perception of the future which is not enough’ness in some way…insufficient…in short supply…or that fear of missing out on something…there’ll never be another opportunity.  Or at least that’s what our inner voice (or negative voice) likes to threaten us with.

The general perception is one thing and then added on top is the castrophizing our minds like to do.  This has shown up with many clients in comments such as:

  • My staff will never improve or change, what’s the point
  • It won’t get done unless I make it happen
  • I have to get this done or else I’ll look bad, lose my job, look incompetent
  • If we share our talent, knowledge, experience with other organisations…I’ll lose my edge and customers

I wonder in a way if this is part of the human condition…half empty or half full.  I know in my own business and leadership I’ve fluctuated between both, depending on what life is throwing my way and my level of emotional resilience at the time.

What I’ve realised is that when I allow my inner voice to run riot this is the cause of the stress, anxiety, glass half emptiness – not the situation I am dealing with.

Scarcity can be a very stressful, uncreative, limiting and demanding place to be.  This is a completely different energy and focus compared to abundance – or my preference Trust.  What would that look like?  Trusting in you, trusting in life, trusting that whatever you do or don’t do – all will work itself out and all will be well.  Whatever happens you can adjust and will be able to handle it.

So my friends, 3 Ways to combat a scarcity mindset:

  • Check-in with Reality – ask yourself do you know what the future holds?  How many times have you expected one thing and something else has happened?  None of us know the future.  Consider the worst case scenario and how you would handle it if this were it to happen…
  • Focus on Possibility – focus on what you do want, what is working and what you can put in place to move towards where you want to be.  Get aligned with reality and focusing on the next step, even a small one, will move you forward into possibility
  • Trust – let go, release your grasp, loosen your grip on the demand that things be different to how they actually are.  Creating this space allows other creative possibilities to emerge which you are much more likely to see and say YES to.  Remember nothing is for life, we are only ever in the ‘right here, right now’ so in the next ‘right here, right now’ you can always course correct

Trust, be open…see what comes your way…see what happens…see what is evoked in you

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Bye for now…


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Are you in 100%

We all like to have a good rant don’t we?  Especially at work – sometimes there can be a whole sub-culture which bonds people in the workplace or in a network.  How we love complaining about the process, how others shouldn’t have behaved, how different things should be.

My question is – who knows how anything or anyone should be?

In leadership, as a business leader or owner, complaining can have a serious impact on you and your team’s engagement.  Focusing on complaining and largely having a big fat NO to how things and others are, can seriously affect your time and alignment with your purpose – and ultimately this affects your results.

Of course sharing your thoughts and feelings is essential and this is an important part of connecting, discerning and collaborating; especially for the purpose of improving or developing.  However there is a big difference between stepping forward to assertively be heard and passively complaining or colluding.

I realised this week that as I wanted to create a big difference in my results – naturally this will require a big difference in what it is going to take to get there.  Change behaviour, change the result right?

I have had a tendency in the past to agree to a new commitment and then spend a time complaining because it isn’t how I want it to be.  This attitude and behaviour can seriously affect my results.  Whilst I’m using my vital energy and time complaining I’m not engaging 100%.  I’m focused on my complaints, not my goal.

This challenge is a topic that frequently comes up with clients in their leadership.  Which one are you focused on?

  • Alignment with Reality – it is how it is. We can get aligned with this, be present to what is and go for creating our desired result.  Be in 100%.  Or indeed choose a different path;


  • Disengagement in Leadership – we are focused on what isn’t, what should be different and what we don’t like. Our result = dissatisfaction, resentment, valuable time and attention is away from our desired result.

This reminds me of the music industry years ago.  I remember a large amount of complaining about illegal downloading and how online companies shouldn’t be doing what they were doing.  This went on for some considerable time.  The cost was huge amounts of time and energy was spent on complaining – rather than realigning with the reality that the way people accessed music was significantly changing.  The industry was seriously on the back foot in bringing about new ways of marketing and selling music and lost a lot of profit as a result.

So…are you in 100%?

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Disaster or Discernment?

discernment 1

I realised this week, partly due to the face that I’ve been ill for some of it, that I’m in severe danger of going into overwhelm.  All was going very well, firing on all cylinders and then suddenly I’m ill and off the radar for a few days.  Then all the requests for my time seem to be coming at once.  Straight away my mind starts to go down the…I have to do it all now!…road…

It takes something doesn’t it to stop, notice and say no to staying in this mindset.  And then pops up the old FOMO (fear of missing out), I had that today.  I had booked into an event – and one which may have been great networking for one of the areas than I am passionate about working in.  In my overwhelm I have to go or else I’m never going to get another opportunity – and if I don’t go my mind ultimately has it that I’m going to be a total useless failure.  WoW!

So it sure does take a big part of me to say no to carrying on down that road and trusting that all will be well whatever I choose to do (or not).  This is very common isn’t it?  It can be for me, running from one thing to the next…thinking I can’t miss anything or not get everything done or else something disastrous will happen.  Thing is for me right now, taking care of myself and getting back to 100%…firing on all those cylinders is important.

So here’s a few questions to check-in and check-out those thoughts and assumptions:

  • Priorities – what’s in the mix?  What’s really important and why?  What can wait?
  • Reality – what’s the worst case scenario?  How would you handle it if it happened?
  • Discernment – are all those things really urgent for NOW?  What 3 things can you do next to move one of your priorities forward?  Including the possibility of course correcting deadlines…
  • Support – what support can you ask for, reach out for and put in place to support YOU with all that you are striving for

So next time you your mind is in ‘disaster’ overwhelm, take a moment to check-in with yourself and consider saying no or not now to something so you can say YES to yourself.

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Fear or Fearlessness?

freedom from fear

Oh my gosh!!!  I’ve had a particularly difficult few weeks working through how to move forward with a certain project that really means a lot to me – and actually is a big contribution to my life purpose.

The challenge has been working in partnership with others who are fundamental to the project’s evolution and delivery.  There has been a lot focus on what’s missing, what people don’t like, what isn’t known, what they think I should be doing and sadly lots of conversation about me rather than with me.

It’s a really tough one isn’t it?  What do we do when our projects go down the road of fear and impossibility?  How can we shift the perspective to be one of possibility, positivity and creativity?

It takes one person to focus on what IS possible, what IS happening, what IS available, what IS wanted…what IS the truth…what IS…what IS…what IS.

So with my project, the truth is I want to create a project where the attitude is that we are FOR each other, we support each with what we don’t know and we pull together to work out a plan that works for all.  I want a team that is enthusiastic, encouraging, open, honest, creative…a team that focuses on possibility rather than fear of what may not work.

For me, this is what is going to create a successful project – the will, the FOR each otherness, the positive energy, the ‘can-do’ approach where we support each other through it all – including the challenges, tough decisions, wins, losses and tears!

And I’m guessing it’s going to challenge for me to stand up for my vision and be in my personal authority about what I do want – whilst keeping open to possibility myself.  Because the truth is there is a lot I don’t know, others may know a better way and they will for sure have lots of ideas that will bring more and more to the ultimate creation and delivery.

So here are some key steps to move from fear to fearless:

  • Share your feedback (your experience) and ask for what you DO want, 100% from the heart
  • Ask yourself how can I model focusing on what IS rather than what ISN’T?
  • Review where you are, is it the ideal time to get into planning or would some team connection/building be beneficial first?
  • Re-group, re-align, re-engage others into your vision of what IS, what you what to create, what the impact on the world will be.

Go for it!!!  You will BE the change you want to see…

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Vision – Enrol or Persuade?

dont play small

I’m teaching a Power of Purpose course at the moment and a very fundamental challenge came up on the 2 day – how do we get people on board with our vision and what we want to create?

How often do we get into having a mental master-plan without actually sharing this or indeed sharing ourselves in the process?  We may have an amazing, worthwhile, stonkingly good, powerful vision – however what do we do when there is a lack of take up?  People aren’t even getting into the conversation let alone stepping up and saying a big YES!  There’s a lack of enthusiasm, lack of response, it seems as if nothing is working and our wonderful vision (which is going to create an amazing result by the way) is going to fall flat on its bum – or at the very least not be anywhere near what we really wanted.

When did our hope and want turn into an expectation and a demand?  The balance was tipped, we went from the birth of our vision with a flurry of enthusiasm and excitement…and then reality hit and we have tumbled into frustration and resignation.

There is a big difference between ‘getting’ people on board and ‘enrolling’ them into a vision.  The former carries the air of expectation, demand.  The latter is more of an open aspiration that we want to share and create with others.

Takes a lot of trust doesn’t it?  To put a vision out there and hope that others see something inspiring in our heartfelt want to create something new or different.

Here’s some ways to start the enrolling process:

  • Vision – share it, all of it. Not just what you want or how you see the result but what it means to you…what it really means from your whole heart.  Dig deep!   Share your passion, enthusiasm…hopes, fears.  Be Real.  How you are being when you share your vision makes a difference to how people will engage
  • Creation – share what you want to create…what’s the difference you want to make to yourself, others, the organisation, the world? What is the impact of the new or different vision?
  • Support – how do you want people to be on board? What does that look like?  Invite people to step up, get involved and contribute.  If you want people to take on leadership, creative, collaborative or other roles – say it so they know what you want.

Go for it!!  No holding back.

Happy inspiring…

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Being in the mindful NOW

The power of the reactive moment

What is being mindful?  I have had a few conversations this week about the difference between mindfulness and meditation – the latter can often be confused as the only source of becoming mindful.

Meditation sure is a powerful source of practising mindfulness and tuning into yourself, whether that is physically and/or mentally.

I’ve been listening to the philosopher Alan Watts for the last few weeks and something he said had a very powerful effect on me.  ‘there is no past or future there is only NOW’.  I thought Yes! how spot on.  We only ever experience the NOW.  We may remember the past or think about the future, however we still only ever experience the now – the present moment.

This is it folks!  Now!  And now…and now…and now…and now….and now…

This consciousness of the now is vital to enable shifting one’s behaviour over time – and for good.  Most of my clients work with me on this over a 3-12month period.  As we all react in the now and at lightning speed (human reaction time is said to be somewhere between 150-300 milliseconds), it takes practise to develop the necessary awareness.

As a leader being mindful can be a huge asset to transforming results.  For a leader being conscious in the moment can be the difference between creating a powerful conversation full of opportunities or reacting in defence, making assumptions and ultimately putting a wall up which closes off possibilities.

As the holocaust survivor, neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl said ‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom’

So here’s a few ways to practise being actively conscious in the moment:

  1. NOTICE – I cannot emphasise this enough! Paying attention to NOTICE what is happening in this very moment.    This could be visual thing, a taste, a smell, something you hear and/or a thought you are currently thinking
  2. Physical sensations – practise noticing the physical sensations in your body. Changes in physical sensations can be caused by many things, including the lightening speed of our thoughts.  See if you can notice when you have a different sensation, particularly any change of energy or emotional state
  3. Thinking and feeling – practise noticing how your thoughts and physical feelings are connected. When you noticed a change in energy, state or emotion – ask yourself…what was happening at the time?  When did it start or change?

So enjoy yourself, enjoy being in the here and now…with you

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What does it really take to empower others?

Fill the Gap with Trust

The theme this week has been empowerment…what does it really take to empower others, teams and even ourselves?

As leaders we can be impatient, jumping in because we believe something or someone should be moving quicker or doing/saying things differently.  If this is how we operate, how can we ever truly hold an empowering context for our teams or colleagues?

I know for me to truly empower, this takes a huge amount of patience – in myself, in others and ultimately in the unknown of what may happen if I truly let go and TRUST…

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What does it really take to empower others?

Fill the Gap with Trust

The theme this week has been empowerment…what does it really take to empower our students, school teams and even ourselves?

As educational leaders we can be impatient, jumping in because we believe something or someone should be moving quicker or doing things differently.  If this is how we operate, how can we ever truly hold an empowering context for our teams?

I know for me to truly empower, this takes a huge amount of patience – in myself, in others and ultimately in the unknown of what may happen if I truly let go and TRUST…

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Educational Leadership Patience

Patience with yourself

How patient are you as an educational leader? How much do you push, drive and run at school challenges at 200 miles an hour?

After last week’s experiences and conversations around boundaries, this week patience in educational leadership has been on my mind. I see many, many head teachers and principals who working themselves to the bone.

I’ve been wondering how as educational leaders, once we’ve made a change or had a growth spurt, we can get into severe impatience with ourselves or others.

Can this be as a direct result of the genuine excitement about our new found results or improvements?

Can somehow the energetic inspiration turn into a demand on ourselves to get better results, faster – because after all our new found knowledge or progression is so powerful isn’t it?  A game changer even.

Then of course there’s the reality of how things really are, going exactly at whatever pace, regardless of how much we desire them to be different.

Maybe what’s required – essential even – is some letting go.  Patience with progress as it is and with ourselves just as we are…

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