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The Cost of Complaining

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I thought I would share my purpose for the Transforming Conflict course I have coming up – as I have a massive passion for the impact this knowledge can have in our world.

I designed this new course because I am acutely aware of the cost of carrying on complaining, blaming, resenting and repeating behaviours in my own life.

Someone close to me said the other day (after a large amount of ranting and complaining on my part about numerous things that weren’t happening), well ‘sometimes you have to do things to get through’.  I had a huge shock!  Right there in that moment I thought…gosh that is exactly the sense I had in myself ‘getting through’.  Survival.

I realised that if I can carrying on complaining, being a victim of circumstance and resenting somebody or something for what I haven’t got.  What I get is a ‘hard done by’ attitude, I get to avoid handling things, I get to collude, complain, avoid being honest with myself and most importantly avoid responsibility for my part.

OR I can, in every moment I notice my complaining, choose to (through powerful awareness) get off and break the cycle.  I can make powerful choices about what is so for me, what I want, how I want to live and go for that – even if it doesn’t look like I thought it would.    I can say NO to carrying on this behaviour right now in this moment.  That’s all it takes to create a different way of behaving day by day.

What I get with that is possibility, creativity, openness, connection and freedom.

I mean how many people have events in their lives that they didn’t want or they haven’t got exactly what they thought they should get.  They are then aggrieved, maligned, frustrated, resentful, angry at themselves and/or others and the world.

You see this creates something in our world…anger, retaliation, conflict, lovelessness, separateness, hard-heartedness, a demand to control events, demanding of ourselves and others…fighting…all to discharge the pain of resentment.

How often have you withheld, retaliated, avoided out of frustration to ‘pay back’ someone or life for what you have or haven’t got?

When we each carrying this on in our every day lives, even at a minimal level, we create what we have in our world.  In our own individual worlds and in the world at large.

So this is my heartfelt, passionate purpose for bringing this knowledge to the world through Transforming Conflict.

I want to share powerful tools and another way of being in our world.

I refuse to carry on the cycle.  What about you?

Come and explore this in my Transforming Conflict Taster Session on Wednesday 2nd December 10am-12:30pm.  Book a FREE Place Here

We will look at how to identify and transform the behaviours we get into, find a different way to be and create different results.

The powerful Transforming Conflict course is running on Thursday 17th December, to book click here: Book Course Dec2015

Please book early, this will be a small group, so places will be limited.

BE the change you want to see in the world…

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