Stepping Up in Leadership – Courage or Confidence?

magic happens

There are always challenges at different times in our leadership. The context changes and different qualities are required of us to step up to the plate. That’s where the growth of our leadership lies (or magic some might say :).

I’ve had a very evoking week, mainly seeing others step up in their willingness and purpose to claim their essential leadership qualities – not just as organisational leaders but as leaders in their own lives. This has been an absolute honour for me to facilitate and witness.

I know the same has been true for me this week. Someone made an innocent suggestion and BAM! my purpose, passion and desire was evoked. This will however require me to really step up into the frame and play much bigger.

Because that’s it isn’t it? Sometimes the choice to play BIG and not stay where you are is the one that requires real courage and trust. The rest is, well, que sera sera.

But really what’s the worst that could happen?

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know…#valuesbasedleadership

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