Self-Stewardship & the Law of Karma…

So, I’ve been doing a 21-day abundance meditation challenge for the last week and I’m loving it! 

What’s been somewhat surprising though is the coming together of 2 themes that have been emerging for me over the last 18 months – the first being Trust. Not at all the sense of trusting of others or even myself. My self-trust has been exponentially honed from coaching practise and numerous other pieces of development. 

The trust I’m talking about is trusting the universe, life, whatever you want to call it. This notion of not just trusting what is or isn’t happening – but the much BIGger trust that there is always other possibilities and endless MORE. More of me, more of others, more possibilities, more money, more time – and even if there isn’t it’ll all work out anyway. 

One of the golden gems that came up in my 21-day challenge today was the realisation that Truth and Honesty are at the core of my being. Telling it, asking for it, living it. This for me means being INtegrity with my soul.  And this I have learnt is success for me and always will be – inside not outside. I meet many people who believe that their state, results, happiness is determined by what’s going on outside of them. I used to believe this myself. Now I realise – something I’ll be eternally grateful for – I create my experiences, no one or no-thing else does.

The second emergence has been so very connecting and grounding is Giving. And here I’m not at all talking about monetary giving. I’m talking about giving my heart, time, compassion, unconditional love and kindness. 

And Unconditional Generosity.  Interestingly what popped up in my meditation today was ‘the Law of Karma’. We reap what we sow…

So what’s been evolving in me is a natural congruence in being generous with my soul. I have some sadness as I realise this depth of wanting to give of myself has come about from – at times – utter despair from not creating some of the things I dearly want in my life.  

I’m tearful as I feel this sadness and at the same time grateful that I’ve got to experience what its like to be free. Free of the demands I used to have on myself to get the result I wanted – attached, stressed and then the ensuing wave of disappointment when I didn’t get what I wanted. Grateful that I know how to recognise when I’m in auto-pilot and can consciously choose trust over fear – getting into that ‘busy’ drama which is really about fear of scarcity or impossibility.

And I also self-remember that it’s not over yet! And I’m a very tenacious lady. What’s been really beautiful is honing my tenacity in a way that embraces serenity and vulnerability. Interestingly since I’ve been embracing just giving, I’ve noticed there’s much more of me in everything I do and I’m attracting much more of what I want into my life.

One of the concepts that’s really resonated with me today is this idea of Stewardship – taking great care of the things that we value. Making choices that are generous to ourselves and others – as they are grounded in a sense of endless more and possibility. Grounded in ‘we are one’ and connecting. The other way – as can be so very common in leadership and teams – of choice making that is grounded the ego’s fear of scarcity or survival. Cultivating a ‘me first’ attitude – separating. 

There is enough, there has always been enough and there always will be. And of course in that there’s trusting it’s all exactly how it’s meant to be… 

What I love about what came to me in ‘stewardship’ is this way I’ve learnt to reflect all learning – it starts at home. So how about Self Stewardship, taking care of yourself as something of great value. Love it!

How About a Challenge?

So here’s 3 questions and challenges for you:

  • Choices – where are you making choices that are fear based? Not enoughness or with limits. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources or there are limited opportunities, choices, possibilities. You’ll know it’s fear based when you feel any kind of tension, anxiety, stress in your body. Challenge: for 7 days NOTICE when you are choosing out of fear and make a different choice. Breath into the fear and trust;     
  • Giving Conditionally – where do you give or engage conditionally?What’s the payback or payoff? This could be your time, your % of effort, your 100% willingness. Challenge: Practise giving unconditionally for 7 days, check in with your heart and choose what to give 100% to – regardless of the outcome; 
  • Self-Stewardship – where are you not putting your gas mask on first? Do you treat yourself as something of great value that matters? Challenge: Identify 2 ways that you could daily fill up your own tank and do this for 7 days.  

Namaste ❤

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