School Leadership Trust – Courage or Complacency?

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What do we really want as school leaders? I have a clear vision of my leadership in working with school leaders and what results I want to create, all are in motion – some exactly on track, some are less further ahead than I’d like.

In my purpose to achieve this vision I’ve said no to a number of opportunities in the last few weeks. This has taken at times a massive amount of courage in me to let go of these, especially ones that I once would have gone along with – even though I knew they weren’t really what I wanted.

Leadership does take courage at times doesn’t it? To let go of old ways of working, old behaviours or old beliefs that are no longer serving us – and most importantly are not going to bring us closer to the results we want.

So be brave, take that step and be a courageous school leader! Empower yourself and the culture of your school – make room for new opportunities, new or different skills for you and your team. Who knows what amazing opportunities may be created in you and your students just by your willingness to trust.

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know…#educationalleadership


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