School Leadership – how much do you trust YOU?

Fill the Gap with Trust

This week I’ve had many conversations about trust. How we trust others, the unknown and ultimately ourselves. We may be holding back, hesitating, waiting for something to happen or waiting until we know all the details. This may be hesitating to make that call, say that idea, give that feedback, say no, ask that question, put ourselves forward, place faith in a project, reach out to support someone.

I have learnt from a new head teacher client this week that not trusting ourselves can be played out in school leadership in many different ways. Not delegating to staff, having a poor work/life balance because we believe we have to do everything as no one else could be trusted, confidence in our own and SLTs ability, capability even.

It takes a huge amount of trust doesn’t it to make room for others, to let go and be open to whatever may or may not happen?

How much do you trust YOU as a school leader?

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