Partnership – Are You Keeping Your Word?


Wow what a week!  This week I’ve experienced some fantastic conversations, connected with old friends and enjoyed myself!  Roll on Christmas!

I’ve noticed numerous events this week where I’ve been disappointed because different people I’m working with haven’t kept their word.  I’ve experienced this in many different forms – a supplier, a colleague and a new collaboration venture I’d said yes to.  For me the big disappointment hasn’t been so much that certain events or agreements didn’t happen – more that that the people involved haven’t been particularly conscious or honest about not keeping our agreements. 

It takes a higher degree of consciousness doesn’t it to remember agreements, check-in and work in partnership?

I absolutely get that it takes courage to say ‘actually this isn’t going to happen or I said X and now I want to do Y’.   I’ve done the same myself many times.  I’ve totally avoided re-negotiating or being honest about my agreements when the context has changed for me.  So I’m aware it takes a huge amount of consciousness and courage to stand up and be honest, particularly when I’m fearful about what someone’s reaction might be.

I mean how do we keep in personal integrity with ourselves as leaders in the many complexities of our role and responsibilities?  

How does this play out – what does not keeping our word role model as a leader? 

It strikes me there is a BIG consequence to not keeping our word – or indeed being honest about it.  Brand reputation, staff de-motivation, missed sales/partnership opportunities, distrust, inequality in partnerships, resentment, teams copying our behaviour, the list goes on…

Also, isn’t there a bigger picture here?  Where else are we doing this in our lives?  There sure is a HUGE cost to that – some of the important things we want to do, be or create.    

What does it REALLY take to work in partnership with others and keep our word?

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