Life Coaching

Life Coaching

I specialise in transformational, sustainable behaviour change – working with the flow of life. I work with people who want MORE of themselves and MORE in their life. 

I stand for being alongside my clients in their journey, being open hearted, courageous and honouring.

I am the coach for you if:
– You want to develop self awareness, emotional intelligence and self insight to serve you for the rest of your life.
– You want to transform the connection and quality of your relationships.
– You want to transform your confidence, self belief and reduce self doubt.
– You know there is much MORE to you that your current experience. You want ‘more’ – to reignite your purpose and passion for your life and what is possible for you.
– You want to be more comfortable in your own skin and be more courageous in your life to go for what you really want.
– You want to be empowered to make your own choices and follow your own path. 
– You want to increase your energy, zest for life and ability to manage your emotions. 

I have a warm, compassionate approach and provide a ‘fertile ground’ in which my clients feel free to be who they are – they are listened to with an open heart.

To find out more please email me: or call me on 07817 246930.  

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