Leadership – what’s your reflection?

What We Reflect

Mmmmm interesting week, I noticed lots of complaining from clients – and I could hear myself doing the same at various intervals about my own partnerships.

Easy to complain isn’t it? I am huge fan of a good rant. Better out than in…absolutely!!

I wondered this week though, through hearing my own ranting and complaining, if there’s a huge benefit to acknowledging our part in our complaints?

I realised for me I was guilty of the very thing I was complaining about in someone else.  Of course this meant then fessing up and being honest with myself about this. AND then looking at a way forward that was not me ‘getting’ the other to change but looking at and being willing to change myself.

Looking in the mirror like this – being willing to be honest with ourselves – may create a wonderful opportunity to see this reflection.

If we are willing, this in turn can create partnership in resolution rather than a ‘position’ that we are defending at all costs.

The beauty of this of course is that we then get to understand and be compassionate both with ourselves and the other.

We can pluck up the courage and practice mastering our own challenges whilst simultaneously supporting the other to the same…

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