Leadership – this is it, what are you waiting for?

What Are You Waiting For

The theme of this week has been around the ‘epitome’ of success again – more so this week about how as school leaders we can get so attached to those results. Totally understandable as this is the current measuring stick in education.

However, can we as school leaders hold back in the now, waiting to see if it looks like we are going to hit our target?

I’ve had many conversations with head teachers this week about frustration with progress and sense of waiting around for progress of results, the golden nugget that moves us further towards the belief that we are getting somewhere.

Will that ever happen? I wondered if this waiting to see ‘enough’ in the future has us holding back in the present.

This is it. You may never know. Put yourself forward now, go for it now, be the school leader you are and want to be now.

What are you waiting for?

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