Leadership style – what’s yours?

leadership style

We all have a natural leader that is present in all of us.  Building on leadership strengths is key to developing as a leader. 

Tools that draw out intrinsic leadership capacity, and build a real life approach to leadership and communication through experiential learning are vital. 

These tools can bring awareness to a conscious level, enabling leaders to notice and more actively choose which style they utilise in different leadership scenarios.

And there are a lot of those different leadership scenarios aren’t there?  In our What’s My Leadership Style? course participants have come up with many such as: team re-structures, new teams, staff with personal problems, disciplinaries, team/management conflicts, communicating/revising organisational strategy, increasing quality/capacity and many more…  

Leadership challenges change and develop as the context of our leadership does.  At different times, different strengths will be required and therein lies the opportunity to grow. 

But how do you grow if you are not actually aware of what your strengths or style challenges are?  Aren’t you going to keep making the same mistakes and having the same frustrations?  We’ve all been down that road!

And then there is being true to yourself.  Striking the balance between leading the right response at the right time and keeping teams motivated can be tricky, especially when times are tough and everybody’s time is being squeezed to the max.  

The other thing that’s amazing about the What’s My Leadership Style? course is the exercises and facilitation enable key ‘bigger picture’ themes to be drawn out.  I’ve heard a lot from different leaders about the challenges of saying no, having a huge change agenda, setting boundaries, lack of trust, not being listened to, resistance to change, willingness to give honest 360 feedback and so on.

Surely as a leader being the best you can be is enough?  The thing is how do you know what is your best or enough?

I say get to know yourself a bit better through raising or deepening your self-awareness.  Practice flexing your style and cultivate your ability to lead in your intrinsically unique way. 

What is your leadership style? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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