Step Out of Imposter Syndrome

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There’s a regular issue that comes up with many high achiever executives I work with – the notion of ‘imposter syndrome’.

Am I really faking it?  I’m performing but there’s something incongruent inside – how am I really coming across?  I mean I get results, I’m knowledgeable, I can absolutely hold my own in executive meetings – so what’s up?  Why do I feel inadequate?  Why am I stressed and on edge just before company results come out?

Sound familiar?

Its tough isn’t it to go in day after day and ‘perform’.  What about all those other execs who seemed to have it licked?  They look so at ease – what’s wrong with me?  It must only be me that has this self doubt and dis-ease.  I can’t get found out.  I have to look confident, like I know what I’m doing and I know my stuff.  I mustn’t show any weakness, I have to maintain my persona.

I have many exec clients that say, if I show any weakness everyone will think I’m not good enough at my job.

Well let’s take that ‘not good enough’ for a second…  What is ‘good enough’?

We all have our own definition of what that is, so take some time right now to think about what this means to you.

Good enough = what? 

I’ve had responses from clients that good enough = characteristics things such as…clear, gets results, good communicator, knowledgeable, sharp, quick thinking, commercial aptitude, fair, responsive…

Whatever your definition is – is that not you?  At least some of the time?

I suspect the answer is yes.

As a dear friend of mine once said…if you can spot it, you’ve got it…

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