Leadership – Practising a Way of Being…

Practice Being Spectacular

I wondered this week, what creates the conditions for people, teams to follow us as leaders – to be fully enrolled in the journey?

Of course whatever the current context is provides us with a frame in which to adapt, however as a leader can we enrol by ‘DOing’?

What about how we are BEing? We may hold many team meetings and activities, have numerous processes and procedures in place to manage staff – but if as a leader we are disengaged ourselves, disconnected, resentful even – this will present an incongruent message.

I remember many times I’ve walked into a retail store and they have the most amazing marketing in the world, however the attitude of staff is one of apathy and distance. Not very enrolling at all, let alone conducive to selling products.

Does this BEing behaviour say much more than any process or marketing can achieve? And in executive leaders this way of being sets the culture for the entire organisation.

I look forward to, with excited anticipation, when the paradigm shifts much more towards how we behave in our humanity and way of being than in our doing.


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