Leadership Omnipotence – who does know best?

JFK lead & learn

I had a really interesting conversation this week about the difference between leading others and leading ourselves. Sometimes there is this notion that as a senior leader we know best, therefore why would we need any development or to be challenged?

As leaders, do we ever get to the point where we say no to our own creativity because we believe we’ve got all the answers sown up? Sounds like a closed door to me – and vitally a closed door to learning.

In leadership coaching, letting go of the notion that ‘I know’ is vital for me – there’s a limited space for clients in this mindset and most crucially their creativity, learning AND mine.

So, open the door to the notion that as a senior leader you may not always know best at any given moment and see what opportunities come your way…

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know…#valuesbasedleadership


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