Leadership Limits – out with the old, in with the new?

Go to your limits

I’ve had a wonderful sense this week from my own experiences and from sessions with clients that being willing to be on the edge of our current limits is where our growth lies.

Being willing to change our behaviour as we are living it – not the theory, not abstaining or withdrawing – but actually being willing to change in the moment, as it’s happening.

What does it take to let go of old behaviour and make that courageous step into a new way of being? For me I realised this week that this matters, REALLY matters to me. How can I create the results I’m going for if I’m stuck in old ways of thinking and behaving?

This week has been extremely uncomfortable for me in the transition of this.  My mind had gone into overdrive, what if X happens, what if I’m worse off, what if it doesn’t make any difference to the outcome I want?

On one hand we can know our old behaviours and ways of thinking – and have a clear, sometimes painful vision of how self-defeating this can be. On the other hand this behaviour is familiar, reassuring in a way and sometimes even addictive.

It’s true that what is on the other side is a huge unknown, but what about the possibilities? Is the possibility of having what we want AND keeping it an opportunity that we really want to miss…

What are your leadership limits?


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