Leadership – half empty or half full?

Leadership Attitude

What a week! A similar theme started to emerge by Wednesday with my clients this week. This isn’t working, that isn’t working, why can’t people just accept change, why can’t people just try things, this or that shouldn’t have happen. Anything that sounds familiar?

There’s another wonder in me about the all or nothingness of this attitude. And more importantly the limiting nature of complaining and focusing on what isn’t happening or what isn’t working.

Whatever the focus is that becomes our experience right? To me sadly this attitude reeks of defeat, resignation and a certain degree of omnipotence. How do we REALLY know how anything, including people should be?

We can assume for sure, although maybe there’s a danger that we won’t see something different when it does happen or indeed be open to the opportunity of what is.  Right here, right now.

Can we really be fully present and making the most of what’s happening in each moment if our focus is on an ideal or ‘there’ being better than ‘here’.

There’s a fab quote I love:

‘There’ is no better than ‘here’ – when our ‘here’ has become better than ‘there’ we will simply obtain another ‘there’ that will look better than ‘here’.

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