Leadership growth – resistance or acceptance?

Life No Resistance

I’ve been working with various clients this week around leadership growth – what is it going to take to step from where they are to where they really want to be.  Courage of course and interestingly the theme that’s been emerging this week is Acceptance.

How truly accepting are we of ourselves as leaders? AND how accepting are we of others and things as they are?

We may want a certain outcome or result, however what we may get into is demanding that we ‘should’ have it or things ‘should’ be different to how they actually are.  I mean why doesn’t it just happen exactly how we’d envisaged? We’ve done more than enough haven’t we – worked hard, learned lessons, been patient, changed our approach even.

What I’ve heard this week is a lot of frustration, resentment and sometimes bewilderment that things just aren’t how we would like them to be.  We haven’t got that result yet or had the response we hoped from someone.  And of course we really have no idea of what is going to happen next (unless of course anyone has a crystal ball that I don’t know about!).

For me there a certain magical quality to acceptance, a peacefulness and most importantly an openness to things (and people) just as they are.  I mean what’s the alternative?  Stay in frustration and demand until we have what we want?  That may be a long wait!

I know for me resisting is often a much-needed check-in between what I’d hoped for and reality.  When I hold onto resistance this can mean not seeing the numerous other opportunities that are right here, right now – and of course there’s my own willingness to create new ones.

Are you accepting or resisting?

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