Leadership growth – are you going for your true power?

Your Greatest Self

I’ve been doing lots of coaching this week around leadership growth – the gap between what we want or know we are capable of and where we actually are at the moment.

My guess is most of us have a strong sense of our true power, however the big challenge can be seeing and putting aside what may be currently limiting us.

And even if we can see our limits, how do we actually change our day to day behaviour? That behaviour we know is standing in the way of our true capacity, heartfelt dreams and passions.

I have heard a lot of fears around this during the week, including my own! Fear of being found out, believing we won’t be enough or know enough, believing we won’t get it right or we may look arrogant or egotistical. And then of course there’s the vulnerability that may be seen in us at any given moment.

Thing is, when we hold back the essential core of who we really are and what we are really capable of, we also hold back our authenticity, our expression and our uniqueness as a leader – and as a human being.

What’s your leadership growth edge?

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