Leadership Gratitude – what you have or haven’t got…

beauty and gratitude

I’ve seen this week that as leaders we can spend a lot of time in what isn’t working, what we haven’t got, what we haven’t mastered yet.

It takes a different amount and depth of courage to focus on design, creating what we DO want rather than indulging in complaining.

When we are in this frame, there’s a sense of impossibility isn’t there? A sense of something to get right, something more to overcome or master.

It’s an entirely different approach to start from gratitude – of where we are, all that we striving for and all the unknowns we are yet to experience along the way.

Are we where we are meant to be?

Or do we have it that we or circumstance should be different? That’s a big demand that can be both limiting and frustrating.

We are where we are that’s for sure – so maybe this is exactly where we are meant to be…

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