Leadership give and take

Don't Assume, Ask

Wow, an extremely eventful week for me this week.  The theme I’ve been reflecting on, delivering leadership training on and living – is partnership.

Have we ever really thought about what we want in any given partnership? Think about some key partnerships you have in leadership – do you give more than you take or take more than you give?

For me I generally like a healthy balance, in some contexts the partnership may be one of service – hence an imbalance may be perfectly appropriate or indeed working as is.

I wonder though do we ever really stop to think about what we want and need before we engage in a partnership.

Every relationship is a partnership right? Sometimes the tendency can be to assume we and the other knows what our expectation is. How would they though if we haven’t even thought about it, let alone expressed it?

Something to ponder then.  What’s your purpose for your partnerships?

How’s that working for you?

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