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I have been wondering this week about being in control.  My conscious mantra has been ‘I give up the notion that I am in control of anything’.  Of course in reality this has been very challenging!

Do you get that?  I mean are we in control of anything?  Well I believe we are in control of one thing – our minds.  All the rest is up to life to decide.

I don’t about you but I can spend a copious amount of time and energy being frustrated…pushing myself to get a particular result, keep everyone happy or endeavour to do everything faster or more efficiently.  All in the illusion that this will make any difference to any outcome.

The truth is…I have no idea.  I have no idea if doing anything faster or in a different way will create the results I want.

Thing is, when I am in this omnipotent state of mind…I am under the illusion that there’s a right or wrong way to get the result that I want.  The result I do get is uptight, stressed, anxious, demanding of myself and others.  And of course very reactive when things don’t go how I want.

Well, that’s what happens when one is so attached to the result eh?

So what’s on offer here for you and I – is to BE with our life and leadership AS IT COMES.

I challenge you this coming week to let go of the notion that you are in control of anything.

Practise trusting your gut, taking a risk and creating what you want – even if you may never know whether it’ll produce the results you want.

I shall do the same, let’s see what happens…

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