Leadership Commitment, Saying AND Doing

attitude reflects leadershipOne of my biggest passions is the importance of values based leadership and I saw in the news this week a story about a care home.  A number of the staff had been found to be abusing patients, so terribly awful.   I still don’t understand how anyone could do this. 

So I looked them up.  It actually says on the front page of their website ‘Our philosophy is to combine professional excellence with warmth, friendliness and deep concern for the health and welfare of our residents.’  Is there not a direct contradiction in this statement and the actual behaviour of their staff?

Who are the leaders of this organisation?  What culture has been cultivated in this company that the staff believe this behaviour is ok? 

Its two very different things isn’t it?  SAYING a philosophy and actually LEADING an organisation in line with it.  How do you lead from a conscious set of values – not just publishing them or putting them on a piece of paper but LIVING them.  I mean how often are we seeing organisations who SAY that have key values including honesty and integrity, but then behave in a way which is completely incongruent with this.  I can think of numerous examples of late Police, Banks, Care Quality Commission, NHS – the list goes on.  They are adding up and my guess there is a lot more that haven’t made it into the public arena.

This is what I want to make a difference to – changing the landscape of leadership so leaders are much more conscious of HOW they are leading.   

This is the focus of our leadership coaching programme, learning how to take a more pro-active, conscious approach to leading.  Checking in with yourself, what’s happened when you don’t align yourself with what you said?  What do you do when staff or others aren’t behaving in line with company values?

It takes a different kind of commitment to LIVING values day to day, week to week and upholding these even if the context changes.

See more about the programme here… http://www.get-connected.org.uk/leadership_coaching_programme.php

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