Leadership – are you open to the miracle of you?

The miracle of you!

I’ve had a very surprising, interesting, sad, exciting, frustrating week – but hey this is life and educational leadership isn’t it? In a week, in a day or even sometimes in an hour our experience and reactions to events can be varied and even sometimes extreme. Especially in the aftermath of school results.

I’ve heard a lot from school clients this week suggesting they shouldn’t be how they are – they should react, behave, be or do something differently.

I think sometimes we have it that there’s something to always be ‘fixed’ in us, in our leadership – not just in school but our leadership in life.

I wonder whether this idea of fixing something, getting to the bottom of what and why we are how we are can become addictive. If we are wanting to fix ourselves in some way – aren’t we in danger of this becoming another way of labelling ourselves as ‘not enough’?

This year, the biggest thing I’m learning as an educational leadership coach is that I am who I am, as a human being and as a leader. My leadership and ability to be on purpose is much more powerful, real and engaging when I accept and honour the reality of me.

For me the truth is: there’s nothing to fix, nothing to solve. The gift, the miracle is me being willing to be seen authentically as I am – and allowing others to be alongside me in my journey.


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