Leadership – are you addicted to fear?

Faith Bigger than FEAR

This week I’ve been noticing a theme around leadership resilience, hearing lots of different scenarios around stress, anxiety and of course the long working hours that significantly fuel the stress cycle.

It’s like we are striving for an epitome of ‘success’. If we can just get to that place where we get exactly the result we want – the ‘perfect’ scenario. If we can just get to the result we’re wanting – striving so hard for, working gruelling hours for, not sleeping for, yearning for or even sometimes having a heartfelt longing for.

What if our ‘epitome’ never happens? We never behave in the way we think we should, never get the results or get to the point where we have it all? Is it even possible?

Does that mean we are in some way addicted? Addicted to the struggle, the challenge, the idea of the epitome – and ultimately addicted to the feelings and scenarios that we are creating. I mean then we can be a victim or a martyr can’t we? That’s a big payoff. Also a big cost.

We play out our fearful scenario hoping that this time it will be different – we will be different. And we will create a different set of results or numb our feelings enough to carry on.

Maybe it’s time for an update, time for a re-connection with both reality and being in the NOW rather than in the future.

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