Leadership – are you a space invader?

Leadership Space Invaders

I’ve been wondering this week about the valuable space of innovation and collaboration and how this can be honoured. For as leaders we may be involved in lots of different ventures, projects and partnerships – and each may have a very different context.

How can you honour your leadership mission and style whilst also ensuring an open, collaborative space is held for others? Because that’s where creativity and innovation lies isn’t it? In the nature and openness of the conversation. For me the most fundamental part of this is honouring everyone’s contribution, whatever that is. Who am I to say what is ‘valuable’ and what isn’t?

I see and hear lots of leaders who are very passionate about their mission, purpose, organisation – and they sure are inspiring, energetic and powerful. Sometimes however this can spill over into having so much to say that there is little room left for others.

How often do we ask for feedback, ask a question, say we want to collaborate and then not hear the contribution? We may jump in, start talking again before someone has finished or indeed not listen to the response because we’ve already mentally moved on to the next thing. And then there is being so intent on our own mission that any other ideas are not going to even make it past the start line.

I know that as a coach there sure is an art and practice to being aware of when my want or purpose may be encroaching on a client’s creative space.

It sure takes patience, noticing and a conscious stepping back to allow others to step-into the sacred space of their own creativity.

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