Leadership approach – creativity or fear?

Creativity takes courage

I saw a new head teacher client this week and had a great discussion around openness and stepping into the unknown of non-evidence based projects and policies.

Of course there’s a reality of a framework that needs to be adhered to for Ofsted and strategy, but what if we get into more rigid patterns or indeed positions of stalemate?

What if we believe we need to see evidence all the time before we move forward into the unknown? Learning is unknown isn’t it? For me the wonder and magic of learning is the very fact that it’s held beautifully in the unknown.

We may hesitate, get scared, hold back or jump in – not from a creative place but from a fear of what’s gone before. What if that previous experience we had happens again? How could we forgive ourselves?

What may be lost in the fear of before is an authentic openness to the here and now. Creating a new path of possibility rather than a fearful path of prevention.

That sounds exciting!

Are you steering your leadership from creativity or fear?


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