Leadership and the purpose of possibility

Miracles Start to happen...

I’ve had lots of conversations this week with school clients about shifting perspective so they can think about what they REALLY want to create for their school for young people.

How often do we tap into our sense of wonder and possibility? There can be a tendency to go straight to impossibility…Oh that will never happen, that won’t work because…. or so-and-so is never going to agree to that.

If we want in this state of impossibility, can we ever truly know what we want?

What if we just allowed ourselves to WANT? A no holds barred, free thinking journey to let ourselves connect to our highest vision and our deepest values. That childlike sense of wonder and just wanting – with no demands or consequences attached.

We can allow ourselves that can’t we – even if it never happens?

See, I think there’s something about allowing ourselves to BE in this space and go for what we really want in our imagination – maybe there we will see infinite possibilities we never have seen otherwise.

Because really, how do we know it’ll never happen anyway?

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