Leadership and gratitude

Live Gratitude

This week I’ve heard a lot of what’s not happening, what isn’t working and what clients don’t want.

This happens for all us doesn’t it? There’s always a problem to sort – an issue to fix.

Sometimes we can get into the familiar domain of impossibility. No!  This shouldn’t be happening, we should have got the result we want or they should have responded differently or given us exactly what we wanted.

That’s the expectation right?

In this realm can lie the domain of resignation, defeat, resistance and even despair.

What about what is happening, what IS working?  AND how we can bring about our own willingness to step out of impossibility to create what we actually do want?

If we focus on this we get to practice courage, resilience, determination and most of all acknowledgement of ourselves, life and others just as they are.

In this realm lies the domain of possibility, openness, creativity and most certainly joy.

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