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I’ve noticed this week that some of my clients have had a particularly challenging week in terms of partnerships.

So….there is an end goal in mind and for some of my leadership clients it’s no small feat. Changing the lives of young people no less.

The dilemma this week was in the context of being presented with a conundrum. They were being asked to make a significant concession in one of their partnerships. What to do!  Yes the concession may have a big impact on the end goal, however is the end goal worth a potentially high cost concession?

What is the higher purpose here – is there a way to bring about the same result without conceding?

As leaders we can easily get into this either/or mindset. It’s that option or nothing. There are no other options or ways of achieving what we want.

To be creative, to see beyond the current possibilities takes something more. What if there’s a range of conditions attached to our result?

These may even be conditions of one’s mindset and creativity may indeed lie on the other side of seeing these, with the option of releasing them.

Until we know what our unspoken conditions or expectations are, how can we possibly know whether we want to keep them or not?

And then there’s that higher purpose, the end goal. Are we really going to compromise on that?

The journey to reach our end goal may look very different to the one we expected…

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