Humanity in Leadership

Forgiveness is an Attitude

During many coaching sessions this week a similar theme started to arise. ‘I should have done X’, ‘I’ll get it wrong’…followed by a range of feared scenarios whereby the leader, the team and others are going to suffer considerably.

I wondered whether there’s a pre-determination in this attitude. If we have already decided we’ve failed, where is there to go? What future is there to commit to? AND what a great excuse to give up, pull back or not confront our own fear of stepping up our game?

Of course then there is the truth. You, I and Everyone Else is a human being. And human being = fallible.  Perfect?  The epitome?  Who knows what or where that is?  I wouldn’t want to know it anyway, where’s the challenge in that? Where’s the leadership growth?

So forgive yourself and get back in. Step up to being the awesome leader you are – one more time….and again…and again…and again…

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