Face your Fears – Top Ten Tips

fears n dreams

  1. Ask yourself ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ – REALLY the worst!  The important word here being ‘could’!  It’s at least 50/50 isn’t it?  There may be of course a list of worse case scenarios BUT surely there is a list of BEST case scenarios too
  2. Accept Uncertainty as a part of Life – it can be a Fantastic part of it too!  Do we really have control over anything?  We may have an assumption based on what we’ve experienced before BUT how do we really know we are going to get exactly the same outcome again?  Embrace the don’t know, something wonderful may happen!
  3. Baby Steps – be brave in small ways to get you started.  Choices we make or avoid making can be very daunting indeed so break them up into smaller bits rather than going for the BIG cheese all at once.  Ask some questions, check out assumptions and have a practice! 
  4. Check in With Yourself – is your fear based on something you really want for yourself?  Maybe you just don’t want to do it and that’s what is stopping you.  Check in within yourself, your heart and your gut instinct.  Is there some excitement in there?
  5. Past Experience – where have you made a choice before to face your fear?  What happened that time?  Fear can be paralysing, so support yourself by connecting with previous experiences where you’ve overcome one of your fears – there will be many!
  6. Ask yourself ‘What’s would I Gain?’ – I bet there is a HUGE list, not just overcoming the fear and doing the fearful thing but what other things may you gain from this?  And what qualities in you will be brought forward to achieve it?
  7. Focus on What you Know – taking a risk can involve stepping out of your comfort zone so find a few key things that you are certain about.  This could be your experience, the people involved or the context  
  8. Ask for Support – share with someone what you want to do and what you’d like the outcome to be.  Ask for their support along the way and impartial feedback to check out your fears and worst/best case scenarios
  9. There are No Mistakes, Only Lessons – allow yourself to let go of the notion that you have to get it right or have a particular outcome.  The more you embrace not getting it right first time the more open you’ll be to whatever happens
  10. Breathe!!   The most important one – consciously breathe to stay present, check in with yourself and ease anxiety.

Good luck!


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