Expectations in Leadership

Difference Hope and Expectation

I was thinking this week, wow what an interesting week – then I realised every week is an interesting week when I am awake to noticing growth in my leadership!

The theme that’s been coming up this week is how in leadership we can get ourselves attached to a particular result or outcome.

Determination, purpose and a strong will is wonderful, however what about when this crosses the line into a demand? How does this affect our relationships and partnerships with others?

I realised yesterday that when I’m going into a coaching session or conversation and expecting a particular result, I’m focused on that and sometimes not the reality of what’s actually happening.

Where’s the partnership in that? Where’s the room for the other person, where’s the room for possibility and creativity?

Whilst I have this demand – particularly one that’s based on my preferences, my desires and my assumptions – how can the other person ever meet that?

So let’s flip it I thought. Thus I discovered the expectation I have is one I’ve placed on myself – derived from my fear of what I will be or look like if I don’t achieve the result. Of course none of that was true.

Dealing with that first and then going back in was a very different experience…

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