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This week I’ve been reminded about how important it is to connect with educational teams both in terms of how we are BEing as well as how we are DOing. Without this we can get into disconnection, dissatisfaction and even resentment.

If we are not regularly checking in with ourselves and our purpose as an educational leader – how do we know we are on track with what we are creating? Particularly if we are wanting to create a positive experience for our students. How often have you seen students who have completely disengaged with learning because of how a teacher is ‘BEing’ – something in their attitude or demeanour?

I’m referring to what may be a relatively new paradigm that our effectiveness as educational leaders to create both the quantity and quality of results, lies much more in how we are BEing that what we are DOing.

Making time to connect as a SLT (and as real human beings) is setting a context that we as educational leaders or institutions have a genuine respect for real relationships and team working. And we value the importance of these relationships in both the team context and how this is then modelled to students.

How wonderful would it be if more young people went away from school or college with the concept that team working was connecting, supportive and something to be valued?

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