Educational Leadership Patience

Patience with yourself

How patient are you as an educational leader? How much do you push, drive and run at school challenges at 200 miles an hour?

After last week’s experiences and conversations around boundaries, this week patience in educational leadership has been on my mind. I see many, many head teachers and principals who working themselves to the bone.

I’ve been wondering how as educational leaders, once we’ve made a change or had a growth spurt, we can get into severe impatience with ourselves or others.

Can this be as a direct result of the genuine excitement about our new found results or improvements?

Can somehow the energetic inspiration turn into a demand on ourselves to get better results, faster – because after all our new found knowledge or progression is so powerful isn’t it?  A game changer even.

Then of course there’s the reality of how things really are, going exactly at whatever pace, regardless of how much we desire them to be different.

Maybe what’s required – essential even – is some letting go.  Patience with progress as it is and with ourselves just as we are…

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