Educational Leadership – how are senior leadership teams kept motivated?

motivation 2I was reading this morning that ‘the TES is reporting that two-thirds of school leaders are considering leaving the profession, with rising workload cited as the primary reason for plummeting morale among senior staff…’

One of my senior school clients this week was sharing with me some of the child protection issues she had been dealing with in school.  I frequently hear this kind of thing when I do my community youth panel role – the awful home life some children have experienced.  However, for whatever reason, this time I found hearing about some of these realities really upsetting.  Somehow in that space and time it just seemed so much more real, and so incredibly sad.  I do hate some of the human behaviour in the world.

When I read this article this morning about school leaders, I thought ‘I’m not surprised’.  What regular support do senior school leaders have?  If they don’t have a dedicated person to share in confidence with and/or have time to reflect – I can totally imagine how the workload would be overwhelming sometimes.  And that’s without safeguarding issues that are upsetting.  We’re not talking about safeguarding or protecting your car with insurance here – this is children lives we are talking about.

All of my school clients are amazingly dedicated, committed and resilient actually – particularly in more challenging schools.  I’d like to see school senior leadership teams having coaching and other forms of support as standard.  With my school clients I do a big chunk of work around motivation and the huge purpose they have for their roles.  The purposes that come out are usually things like fairness and equality – wanting all young people to have the same opportunities and choices.  And what’s most evident to me every single time is that they CARE.

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