Educational Leadership – being real

Authentic Self...No Competition

I’ve had some really purposeful and enlightening conversations this week with various educational leaders about BEing ‘Real’.

I see so often head teachers and principals who completely believe that as a leader they mustn’t be vulnerable in any way – and for some this belief means demanding that they show confidence and are never seen to not know the answer. Or else of course they hold themselves as not good enough, and are run by the fear of being seen as incompetent or failing in some way.

So what about being real? Rather than ‘acting’ confident when you are not, bringing more of YOU forward and leading from a heartfelt purpose, not a fear of not being enough or getting a result in some way.

Don’t we want to teach young people to be themselves and not hold back their true potential?

No-one else can ever be YOU. No-one can have the same thoughts, create the same school culture or bring to the table your unique style of leadership.

Be bold, be brave, be real!

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