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self-trustSKYDIVE!!!  Wow, what an exhilarating experience!  Even though it was 3 weeks ago now, if I think back to that moment of dropping out of the plane, I can still feel the exact same feeling of absolute fear in the top of my stomach.  I was traumatised for a few days afterwards from the pure shock of the event – so far from the reality of my daily life.  Or is it?


Once the parachute was up, the sensation and energy completely changed – beautifully peaceful and tranquil. 

After reflecting about this momentous event, I realised that when we dropped out of the plane how absolutely terrified and very vulnerable I felt at that exact moment.   

I realised how much trust it took from me in even coming up with the idea in the first place – and then the trust I placed in both myself and my instructor.  When this came to me, I felt so0000 grateful for how swift, capable and strong my instructor was.  I still keep thinking – I know they do this every day for 10 months of the year, but even so what an AWESOME responsibility!

It came to me that this belief was key for me, in each moment, to stay present and TRUST that whatever happened I would be OK.

Don’t each of us of trust every day with different things in our lives?  It could be getting in our car or on public transport and trusting we will get there safely – to leading a team of people and trusting that everyone will keep their word. 

It seems to me this is especially evident in creative leadership.  To come up with ideas and concepts and to be willing to put them out there, share them with others. 

But it’s not just about DOing is it?  It’s a way of BEing. 

To BE open and trust that others will be enrolled into our vision, honour our creation and be willing to be part of making it happen – in some form or another.  How amazing is that?

And what does this trust and openness create for others?  A space where they can step in and step up that’s what.  To lead for themselves, create for themselves and develop their own vision and purpose.

We are human BEings after all…

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