Courage – Friend of Foe?

Leader lessons 2

This week theme has been courage, I’ve seen lots of school leaders who are struggling with the courage to say no, to put their well-being further up the importance list, to ask for feedback and not assume they know best. Because these things do take courage don’t they?

The courage to check out assumptions, the courage to say no or not now, the courage to ask for support and the courage to trust.

What if someone reacted how we feared or said what we didn’t want to hear?

So, take that step in your leadership – be willing to breathe, summon up the courage even if you have no idea what you are going to get back in return.  There IS a huge possibility that someone will step in or step up, be glad to support you or want to contribute more.

You have a part in your leadership too.  Leadership is not only for your teams, peers, stakeholders – you are allowed to enjoy it and get something in return!

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know…#educationalleadership


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